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As I struggle to get my beloved site fixed, hustling and bustling at my day job, tinkering with my website projects and juggling odds and ends -- maybe try to get my life under control... I ended up at the back end of one of the Gods trickeries.

Went in to work, sick as hell, and my boss told me to go to the doctor after much resistence. I guess all the hacking and coughing did it--er it could be that my throat sounds like a dead frog permanently resides in it. I waited almost two hours as I was shuffled from one waiting room to the next, then finally I got into the little mismatched pastel room with flowery borders, ugly tiled floors of darker pastels, as well as hazard cans and gaudy fliers.. and waited some more. Needless to say, the doc was really a nice guy. He told me that I had a cold, sinus and ear infection. Just the beginning stages of an ear infection and then he gave me some doctorly advice before telling me if my jaw and chin locks up and puss builds up in my inner ear or if the tonsil area looks lopsided to go to the ER. What kind of confirmation of getting better is that? So I took my prescriptions and adios-ed. Now I'm home and what is the first thing I do? Jump into my pj's and surf the web, work on projects, call my programmer to give him a friendly "hi, I'm the cool boss and I need your help for free". I know I should be resting, but I feel like I waste time when I sleep, so I opted to go blog.

Is my life fun-filled and action-packed? You better believe it. I need a nap, but it would cut into my workaholic time and I need to do that. I'll pop some pills, squirt some chloraseptic spray, and down some Robitussin DM and I'll be good to go.

Hummmm... what else can I do.....

5 Responses to "What Timing"

Sela Carsen Says :
4:03 PM


veinglory Says :
3:32 AM

Ick! Hope you get well soon!

Kristen Painter Says :
11:07 AM

Seriously. Take a freakin' nap already would you? You're no good to us dead.

Love you! :p

jax Says :
1:26 PM

Nice one K. You just want me to be healthy so I can continue to run the site... ah, business partners!

Sheri Says :
1:48 PM

I hope you're feeling better! Eat soup. That always seems to help me.

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