Editing Sucks

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I've gotten several editor requests and I decided to ask for professional advice from a friend of mine who's published... turns out, her advice was really excellent and it got me thinking. Sigh, now I have to go in and pretty much do a complete overhaul. It's been about six months since I've touched the manuscript after my final edit and the prospect is making me glum. Needless to say, I had to put my new manuscript on hold to pick up the old one. I've written six pages of the new first chapter and although I love it... I start to question my writing abilities. Am I lukewarm, horrific?? Could I be great? Will I ever sell? Should I keep my day job? The endless questions plague me and my momentum is lost for a day.... Anyhow, today I guzzle my latte and it's back to business as usual. I figure if all my stuff never gets published, I can always sell it on my site :)

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Gena Showalter Says :
5:34 PM

Oh, man, have I been there! Some days I'm sure every word is crap and that I totally suck. Just don't stop believing in yourself. Keep writing. Keep submitting. Sometimes our doubts are what keep us from seeing the magic that is there on the page.

jax Says :
6:16 PM

Believe me, you know what you're talking about because you have such a fresh, fun imagination. I love your stuff and it's when I read good books that it gives me hope again. Thanks for the advice!

Kristen Painter Says :
5:42 AM

Editing (with the advice of a trusted source) is a powerful tool. I know Ghosthunter will be that much better when you're done with it!

Hang in there and drink that latte!

Sheri Says :
7:05 AM

Good luck with the edits. I know the story will be stronger for every drop of sweat shead. You can do it.

Nonny Says :
9:54 PM


I used to be fairly close with some published writers; one of them, who's currently pubb'd in multiple genres, swears that what she starts out with when she begins writing is nothing like the resulting book. I've heard this sort of thing from more than one author, to be honest. It's not uncommon, and it doesn't mean you're unskilled--rather, it means that you've learned more over the course of writing the book and since you started submitting it. Enough that now you see ways to make it better that you didn't before.

Some writers never do get better; they write the same sort of thing continually. They might get published, but many of them don't stay that way. So, it's not a bad thing at all, honey... rather, quite the opposite!


Good luck with the rewrite!

Silma Says :
8:35 AM

Oh, I know what you mean, Jax. I'm going through the same crap while I'm in the middle of writing a story for the Phaze contest. As a matter of fact, I doubt I'll have it ready by the 31st. 'coz I've writing then re-writing. Changing things I think suck. Gosh, all that mess for just a 5K story!

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