Rising Star

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My friend Lisa Bradley has proven that when it rains, it pours. Not only did she sell "Cherokee Cowboy" to New Age Dimension's Publishing last week, she also sold the novella "Heat Wave" to Phaze this week!

The girl is hot. Remember her name... she's not only the best CP I've had (besides Kristen), she's also very talented and worked hard to get to this point. She truly deserves it and I just wanted to congratulate her on this burst of success.

You do Romance Divas proud! Now go write that darn chick lit you keep talking about!

Thanks for all that you do and I'm very very happy for you!

3 Responses to "Rising Star"

Lynn Daniels Says :
4:00 PM

Yay, Lisa! She really is awesome.

BTW, Jax, have you worked out lately? *g*

Sheri Says :
7:04 AM

How awesome for Lisa!! That wonderful news!

Bonnie Ferguson Says :
8:34 AM

Congratulations to Lisa on all her success :)

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