Sucker for freebies

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Okay, so I found out that I could get a free iPod if I filled out these short surveys and can get 5 people to actually accept free subscriptions which could be canceled before the end of the trial expiration dates... I guess you'd have to click on that to be eligible. I have friends who have gotten a lot of freebies so I thought I'd test it out. I'll report back if it's true.

I'm not one for doing this junk because I'd rather not waste my time, but since it's an iPod I thought I'd give it a go and see how long it'll take before I get anything in the mail. Just be sure to read the agreements and terms.

On a writing note. I did three measley pages last night, read some of Gena Showalter's Pleasure Slave and worked on a website for a client of mine to be up this month. Today my goal is rather ambitious yet again. I'm hoping to crank out 20 pages if I don't start daydreaming again. It's true... I have issues.

5 Responses to "Sucker for freebies"

Liz Maverick Says :
1:26 PM

Oh my god. I'm a freebie geek, too! I just posted about it. Of course, I'm willing to stoop to personal hygiene products. Let me know how that Ipod thing pans out.

Freebie geeks, unite!



Lynn Daniels Says :
1:50 PM

Heck, sometimes great ideas come in the form of daydreams! Then again, so do great fantasies. *wink* Good luck with those 20 pages. And with the iPod. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

Sheri Says :
7:02 PM

Good luck with the freebies. I'm one of those people that always asks . . . "So what's the catch?"

Kristen Painter Says :
8:41 AM

Yeah, I'm a born skeptic. There's nothing free. Unless your husband buys it for you. :o)

Gena Showalter Says :
11:50 AM

Even then it's not free, Kristen LOL

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