Taking a breather

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It's easy to stay busy. I've done websites after websites, web maintenance and fixing hacker issues from hell, and even gotten to finish out my personal website at www.jacquiecrane.com -- of course, I'm sure to find something wrong with it and will tweak continuously. As for writing. I think I wrote like 5 pages in 2 1/2 weeks because there never seems to be enough time to write.
I did get an interview in with Liz Maverick who is July's Spotlight On interview.. I'll have that up tonight and you can find it at Romance Divas .

So Kristen was peeved that Romance Divas wasn't listed in the Romantic Times Magazine for most useful site for writers and they actually printed the Letter to the Editor she wrote to gripe. Hey, I have no control over her.. but any advertisement is good advertisement! :)

I'll announce Romance Divas' Short & Long Pitch winners from our forum contest as soon as we get the results in. The winners will have their pitches forwarded to Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Agency. Thanks to Liz Maverick and Gena Showalter, our second round judges for taking time out to judge! Thanks to Gina Welborn for organizing another wonderful contest!!! And of course, thank you to all those who were brave enough to enter-- you guys are the true winners!

3 Responses to "Taking a breather"

Lynn Daniels Says :
4:35 PM

You are one busy lady! Don't forget to stop and bask in the sunshine every so often.

jax Says :
1:47 AM

Thanks. If only I can remember that.. it's girl's weekend for me. I'll be spending it with Lisa doing nothing for 2 days. Then I come back and work my butt off for a client. :) Yes, I'll stop to get some sunshine and hopefully a shade darker.

Kristen Painter Says :
12:28 PM

That's right, you can't control me. Aren't you glad you're rooming with me at conference? Bwahhahahaha...

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