The voices in my head

Author: Jax Cassidy // Category:
They speak to me.

They try to lure and seduce me. What can I do? I start up and then I stop, but the voices never cease.

I am guilt ridden and my disease consumes me until I am back writing their words. Words they whisper in my ear, telling me what they like. What they dislike. Telling me that I need to to follow exactly what they say.

Often I am left alone in solitude. A silent treatment carried on too long and too far. I am lonely. Sad they no longer speak and fill my fingers with the creative juices that I yearn.

3 Responses to "The voices in my head"

Angelle Says :
11:29 AM

You're not alone, Jax. I hear them, too. :) That's probably why writers aren't all that "normal", whatever that means.


Diamond Taylor Says :
11:21 PM

I'm so glad I'm not alone. I was starting to think I had multiple personalities.:)

Eva Gale Says :
1:58 PM


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