The Muse Is In

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I love my muse. She's witty, hard-headed, and often such a pain I want to ring her neck. All the same, I love her when she cooperates. This Labor Day weekend I had a cookout, watched a movie and wrote my little heart out. I'm currently working on a romantic comedy called One Night With Jared and it's going fabulously! The hero is HOT and he's just alpha enough and just beta enough. I love men who connect to women and who can bring back chivalry that has been lost through the ages. Sigh... I love him! Anywoo, as I was flying through my pages and the muse making side comments as I went-- it suddenly dawned on me there is a second book in this. Yep, so one of my supporting characters is having a book devoted to them. It's a grand idea and it's going to be just as hilarious.

I've -- gulp -- even started going back and outlining my book. Which I never do! I've always been lucky enough to plot in my head and so after badgering from my friend Amanda, I have decided to humor her and outline the current WIP. I hate doing it. My muse agrees. The only thing we ever agree upon. I'm usually envious of her since she's so gorgoeus and so into fashions, trends, etc. That bitch! But I need her so I will endure her flauntings as she manages to nab one hot babe after the next. Okay, I'm off to whisk my h/h off on their adventures and I'm dying to be a voyeur in their quest to fall in love.

3 Responses to "The Muse Is In"

Eva Gale Says :
7:02 PM

You are on a roll. It's good to hear. You will be crowned Queen of the Series.

Lynn Daniels Says :
10:45 AM

Don't you love it when everything falls into place? WOO HOO on seeing another book in this, and I'll keep my fingers crossed your lovely muse continues to cooperate.

Silma Says :
8:18 AM

Keep the muse happy so she can keep helping you. *g*

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