Another hit

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I got a request for a full manuscript of Ghosthunter. Well, John at Kensington didn't have to ask twice because I sent it to him this afternoon. That makes two of my stuff in one house! I'm eager to know what he'll say on either one of them. Nerve-wracking but well worth the ulcer.

I'm feeling really good about this year and I hope that it will only get better.

Now, I'm going to buy me a latte to celebrate... maybe I should buy stocks in Starbucks.

8 Responses to "Another hit"

Bonnie Ferguson Says :
5:01 PM

That's great Jax!!! :)

Eva Gale Says :
6:20 PM


Kristen Painter Says :
8:46 PM

You're on a roll, chickie!

Barb Says :
9:49 PM

Good for you! Keeping my fingers crossed.

JENNA Says :
9:12 AM

That's fantastic news. A two book deal, maybe more...

jax Says :
10:25 AM

Thanks all! I've been slaving away to finish ONWJ and make it clean and tight. I hope I'll get good news by Thanksgiving. That'll be perfect. Pubbed by the Holidays. Yeah, what a dream!

Tess Harrison Says :
4:51 PM

Love the blog look! And congratulations on the request!

Eva Gale Says :
4:39 PM


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