Nearing the end

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So, I've been couped up for three days in my office editing Ghosthunter for the fifth time and now I'm adding pages because through all the edits I managed to chop too much! Here I am, thinking I've finally done it and I have one full night ahead of me. I want to get this out Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm more concerned about quality and hopefully these edits will shine like a new penny.

It's been a crazy time and although I should be really stressed like I normally am, I'm not.

Last night after my edits my friend Amanda suggested we watch "Sliding Doors" and I can't believe I agreed to it. I can say I liked it. The story is about a PR girl who gets fired and on her way home she catches the subway and during that transition it shows the possibility of "what if".. the one person gets on the subway and the other person misses her subway. The one who takes the subway meets up with a friendly, charming Scotsman and comes home to find her dead-beat novelist boyfriend screwing his ex-girlfriend. The other reality she decides to take another alternate route home and gets mugged then misses her dirtbag boyfriend's affair by a few minutes. I won't say much more if you're interested in watching it...but, basically the outcome is pretty much the same because as fate would have it, she ends up with the guy she is meant to be with no matter which way her life takes her. :)

Okay, I'm just going to say I'm fated to publish so either way, I'm going to get there.

2 Responses to "Nearing the end"

Karen Says :
7:16 AM

Ouch to cutting to much - hope you got the editing and polishing finished.

Sela Carsen Says :
6:49 AM

You go, girl!

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