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Blogging. It's a difficult thing to keep up with. I often run out of things to say. Life is so busy and in between working, working, working and entertaining it can be exhausting.

I guess I'm going through this weird phase. I've been sick for like a month now with various ailments, one after the other. Then I discovered I might need jaw surgery and braces..then I found out I may be out of a job in a few months. My company is going through this merger which will finalize in two months. Once that happens, my position will be dissolved if they elect to change out Executives in our company. Where does it leave me? Jobless.

Okay, I'm very skilled. But I find myself in a crossroad. I can look for a management job which will lead me to 70 hour weeks and endless traveling or I can be an Exec Assistant which will be brainless work and guaranteed I'll be out in time for dinner. Not to mention I'll still have writing time at home. Now, either choices are fine but with my payscale, I'm afraid I'll end up with a pay reduction and that's no good either. Which leads me back to feeling blah. I'm smart, hard working, computer savvy... what do I do? Where do I go? I'm bummed out.

This weekend I'll be job hunting hard core. I want to get back into the entertainment industry because I miss the excitement of it all. Now, I'll have to prepare myself for a major paycut. Sigh!

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Donna Grant Says :
9:11 AM

Its always something, isn't it? I'm sorry to hear you might be out of a job, but look at it this way - this might be just what you need to give yourself more time to relax/write or whatever. A pay cut isn't good though. :(

Remember, everything happens for a reason. :D

Eva Gale Says :
10:04 AM

Or you can seriously look at Seattle...

and take up graphic arts becuse your sites are the most beautiful out there...

Sometimes being painted into a corner is the best thing that ever happens.

How was the lasagna? With no nutmeg!!!(the horror!)

jax Says :
10:29 AM

Thanks Donna! You're a sweetiepie. You always are so positive and it really rubs off!!!!

Bri - The lasagna was a hit. I made enough for fifteen. Some of my neighbors came back for seconds. I brought three large tupperwares of lasagna to work today! Yep, even without nutmeg it proved Jax is a master chef! haha

As for work, I think I wanna stay in LA. I'm going back to my first love. I'm trying to get work in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, I may have to work my way back up but the fun is in being able to give you guys the LA scoop :) Anywoo, I plan on writing and selling so things will work out.

Silma Says :
10:42 AM

Jax, you're very talented. You can have your own business from home. Either creating websites, book covers, etc. I can't see you in a 9-to-5 job. If you're anything like me, that'll kill your creativity - although the pay is good.

crissachappell Says :
3:23 PM

clear braces are the best...and nobody knows they're there...

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