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I've been working on projects simultaneously. I guess the Thanksgiving holiday gave me a bit of downtime and I'm fired up again. I'm practically halfway done with this short erotica I'm writing and I'm also working on One Night With Jared and Parisian Skye. You'd think I'd be lost, but it's going well on all fronts. Now, if I could just finish these babies off in the next 3 weeks. I'm making it a goal to try to finish 2 projects.

In the last two weeks I've read 4 Julia Quinn books and I'm starting to bend towards writing Regency for the heck of it. I've scribbled a few things, but I'm going to have to write this later on down the line. But wouldn't it be lovely to try to write historical?

Briana is having her baby today. I'll keep you posted as soon as she calls to yell at me.

4 Responses to "The Write Stuff"

Kristen Painter Says :
5:07 PM

A regency? Are you off your nut? You're making me crazy, you know that?

Haven Rich Says :
7:11 PM

Ok first off thank you for the help. I'll be trying it out in a few mins..gotta read a few more posts on the Diva board.

Second..doesnt Julia Quinn just make you want to write and then write somemore?? She is the one(of one the two) that inspired me to start writing. I'm not sure which ones you've read but if you havent read Romancing Mr. Bridgerton do so, quick hehe.

To mommy-on-the-way, hope all goes well. After six this should be easy...she's a pro by now hehe. But best of luck.

Have a great day,
Haven Rich

Karen Says :
7:40 AM

Regency? Now that would be different >G<.

jax Says :
8:29 PM

What you don't think I'm Regency material K? Haven, I love Julia Quinn she's the one who made me enjoy reading historicals again. Love the Bridgertons. It's very brilliant.

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