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I love that girl! I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with her last night as she is in LA for work. She scored tix for me to attend the GSN party and let me tell you, we had a ball! Dinner was steak and lobster...we had no idea it was going to be so spiffy. I would have been happy with just hanging out with Candy. However, because it was the Ritz Carlton, you can't expect a boxed dinner. While we ate we saw a presentation of upcoming game shows available this year. They even had a live game show for our entertainment, which was quite silly. The fun really began at the after dinner party in the lounge. There were several games set out and a poker table. We immediately grabbed drinks and seized our seats to ensure we'd be in the game. Candy taught me how to play Texas Hold 'Em and we monopolized the table all night. The best part of the night... both of us left the table as winners and it felt freakin' great! Not that we won anything, but we did get almost all the chips. Okay, maybe after all the cosmopolitans and wine I had, and Candy's bourbon and coke drink of choice, we were feeling really good...Too darn good! Cheers!

We even played poker with the former Miss America (I may be in some pics with her for press purposes jus because I sat next to her--way cool) and even caught a glimpse of Chuck Woolery and Tonya Harding (not together, hehe).

Most importantly, let's not forget the fountain of chocolate fondue....jeez, it was a great night. Oooh, it was like heaven.

Don't worry Lisa, I drank a toast for you for landing your dream agent! Go Lisa Go!! I would have written something more descriptive, but I'm nursing a hangover..please forgive me.

Now, I think you folks need to run out and get Candace Haven's book Charmed and Dangerous. It's fabulous!!!!!!! I can't wait for her second novel in the series. Gosh, it's so much fun and her heroine is kick butt! Now the heros, hubba hubba... Yes, I tried to pry some info from her.. but she wouldn't budge. I guess I'll have to wait for the release. Sigh... you would think after all the bonding.. She'd cough up answers. Hehe. Thanks Candy, you are the coolest cat to hang around with to cause havoc and mayhem! Let's do it again!

7 Responses to "Candace Havens..."

Karen Says :
3:21 PM

Sounds like a great night out!

Here my night of excitement is blue jeans, draft beer, and hockey pucks >g<

jax Says :
3:37 PM

Hey, that's all good too Karen!

Lynn Daniels Says :
8:37 PM

Sounds like a great night! I need a fountain of chocolate fondue for my living room. Hot guy for dippin in the fountain optional -- maybe.

Adrienne Kama Says :
11:46 PM

Sounds like so much fun! I was watching the boob tube. Nothing like gambling and playing games. And did you say a fountain of chocolate fondue? Yum!

jax Says :
12:24 AM

Yes, chocolate fondue... heaven! And 4 hours of Texas Hold Em is just as exciting. There were a few hotties there. :)

Sorah Says :
12:31 AM

Texas Hold Em and Chocolate Fondue? Yea, I'd say you found heaven alright. Im totally jealous.

Not only that, but the Ritz Carlton? Not bad, Jax, not bad!

Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Is it ok if I live vicariously through you?! ;)

Eva Gale Says :
8:42 PM

Man I'm jealous. I'm happy for you though. You work hard and you need some kick back time.That was mucho nice of Candice.

Tanya Harding? She is noteworthy? Huh.

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