One down...

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I'll be sending my finished novella out to a publisher and an agent tomorrow. Yep, I am also finishing up my two novellas this weekend... It's always nice to reach the end and everything starts up all over again. The frustration, inspiration, anxiety, this an endless circle or what?

I've got several web projects going on and I'm starting to realize my time is quickly filling up again. I'm really penny pinching now to start saving for Nationals. I know it's in July, but it was so much fun I can't wait to experience it again. If you've never gone to RWA Conference it's one of those things that you need to go to. I wish I could go to RT, but we'll see. All these conference fees really add up...along with all my dues.. aaargh. I can't believe I'll be spending about $300 in dues every year! I need to re-think what I want to be a part of. I'm trying to stop using my credit cards... they can get you in trouble. Sigh. Okay, back to writing. I need to make every line count :)

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Karen Says :
1:05 PM

Yay! It's almost done! Good luck getting it off tomorrow.

I know what you mean about maximizing money too. I want to make it to Atlanta this summer to - I've started a coin jar to help fund it. We usually make about $25 in coins a month somehow in this house.

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