What's February without Romance....

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February is the month of Amour... so, as a way to help make your Valentine's Day extra special, I am spotlighting TJ Jones of Mr. Romance. He'll discuss life after reality TV and what he's doing now on the Spotlight On segment. He also has graciously allowed me to raffle him off.. yes, that's right ladies. He loves us and he wants to help us stay around as long as possible. Isn't he a sweetheart!??


All proceeds go to Romance Divas to help us with our expenses...which actually are a lot.

Here's how to win...

Raffles are $5.00 each and can be paid through paypal or by check. If interested, email me and I'll direct you to the right place. jaxadora@gmail.com

For those outside of LA, you will get an autographed gift basket with plenty of Valentine goodies... unless you are willing to drive or fly in yourself for this date...that's up to you.

For those within the LA and surrounding areas, TJ will spend the day with you, will wine and dine you and make your Valentine's Day (or whenever you'd like the arrangements) something to remember! (**drooling and groping allowed..er, but anything else, I'm not responsible for and I don't wanna know...)

What are you waiting for... you can purchase tickets for the raffle today!

Support a great cause and get some eye candy while you're at it...

2 Responses to "What's February without Romance...."

Karen Says :
12:21 PM

That's a fantastic idea!

Unfortunately I'll have to settle for the gift basket if I win... I don't think dh would appreciate me flying off to LA to spend the day with another man ;)

jax Says :
3:46 PM

Why not? hehe.. that's fine, the gift basket is a good substitute! Trust me!

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