I'm obsessed

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I love James Blunt!

I can listen to the song "You're Beautiful" every day and not get bored. I've set a soundtrack to listen to, just to get me in the mood while I work on my current project -- It totally helps! I get in the zone relatively quick and my writing simply flows. The characters are practically writing themselves.

Well, I'm truly bummed I missed James at the House of Blues on February 7th. That was when my father fell ill... Unfortunately, that is his only LA appearance for a long while. Sniff sniff.

I mostly listen to sappy Adult Alternative stuff..what gets you in the mood?

3 Responses to "I'm obsessed"

Kristen Painter Says :
6:42 PM

Cool. I'll have to check him out! I've heard that song but wasn't sure about the rest of the album.

Lynn Daniels Says :
8:09 AM

I've never heard him. Might have to check him out.

For me, it's mostly classic and melodic rock. Journey, Styx, Vaughn, Tyketto, Ten, Harem Scarem, Final Frontier...they've all populated my writing soundtracks.

jax Says :
10:29 AM

C'mon, he's sexy as heck. Yummy English blokes..why oh why are the Europeans so HOT!

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