Life, or Something Like It

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Sometimes you walk along this road called life. While you're taking a nice, long stroll, the weather is beautiful out, the sun shines bright and everything seems to be exactly as you'd want this day to become.. then as you move on past the colorful flowers in bloom you think the world couldn't get any better.. As you continue on, you're too busy smelling the fragrance of the flowers, you become absorbed in the immediate and stumble, tripping over a bump in the road. Soon, the clouds darken and rain pours, soaking you to the bone. This perfect day is not so perfect any more.

What do you do?

You stand under the laugh...and you don't care you're cold and wet and you hope the weather clears.

There's a lot to think about these days. I've seen my fair share of rain clouds and I've been soaked a time or two, but I keep trudging on.

3 Responses to "Life, or Something Like It"

Karen Says :
11:09 AM

Sometimes you need to get soaked in a thunderstorm or two before you can fully appreciate the sunshine on the other end.

Hang in there Jax!

JENNA Says :
4:50 PM

Turn every damned description into a sentence and then pile those on top of eachother until you have a story. Then, the rain was work. We know how you like to be productive.

Jodie Says :
7:03 PM

Hang in the Jax.

Like all thunderstorms, the sun comes out in the end. And after the rain is gone, you smell the fresh earth and appreciate everything more.

You'll get there.

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