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My problem is that I have too many and I don't have nearly enough time to write them all. I've got this killer historical series I'm working on...yes, I'm taking a stab at it...why not? The h/h are bugging me to do it. However, I've got commitments. I have two major projects to finish up and then I can focus on them. I swear my characters have no patience.

Ideas ideas ideas...when will they cease? I hope they never do, but I'd settle for them slowing down just so I can finish my WIP. I guess that's why some writers never finish, they are too anxious to work on the next big idea.

What about you? Got the same problem?

4 Responses to "Ideas"

WCP/FB Says :
8:16 PM

I can really relate to this. Sometimes all the ideas get me flustered and I can't concentrate on the novel at hand.

Sela Carsen Says :
9:02 PM

Oh yeah. Check out my pile of unfinished ms's -- all because another idea sounded so much more fun that whatever I was working on at the time. I'm trying very, very hard to get over that habit.

Kristen Painter Says :
8:27 AM

I have more ideas than time. I guess that's a good thing. Except that I recently started three different books because I didn't know which one to write!

jax Says :
10:32 AM

WCP - I've learned to get over being flustered and just do push it aside until I finish my current WIP.

Sela - I'd hate to look under your bed. Congrats on 'Dude'!

K - You've got issues. Haha
You always choose brilliant stories to go with. I'm not worried which ever you pick.

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