Lucky Me

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I woke up two days ago with a crick in my neck. Turns out, it is now a full blown lump. Spider bite? Swollen glands? Tumor? Who knows. I called my doctor and he is fitting me in tomorrow. Is it me, or am I just lucky?

I'm just falling apart.

I've got less than a week and a half left to go and I'm already asking for time off. I should be employee of the year.

I think I'll go sulk. At least I get to pick up hubby at the airport. Haven't seen him for almost two weeks! Yay! No more sleeping alone.

2 Responses to "Lucky Me"

Stephanie Says :
5:25 PM

i know you will be ok

Sela Carsen Says :
2:11 PM

So? Report back! How's the lump?

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