Ooh, I love picture day -- NOT

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Corporate took photos of all their employees today. Of course, I jumped in and had like 20 shots. LOL Hope my hair isn't sticking up or I look cross-eyed. Although I did guzzle my latte so I probably have the caffeinated high look or restrained energy about to bubble over. Could be worse, I could be cross-eyed. It kinda freaked me out as the last time I had picture day it was for Senior Year and I looked like a Glamour Shot victim. Big hair, caked on makeup...well, enough about that nightmare.

Ummm, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, ahem, and as I am Irish (I AM!)... I'm going to drag Lisa, Amanda, Paul and possibly Jesse for a night of Irish drinking. It's going to be fun and cheap. None of that premium drinks that I get for me. It's Guinness & Killian's all the way, baby! I'll even wear green...or would that make me look like a leprecaun? Gotta re-think the wardrobe. :)

Here's a place for Irish Pub songs to get us going until after hours Friday!


3 Responses to "Ooh, I love picture day -- NOT"

Tyler B Says :
11:54 PM

Sounds like fun, Jax! I'll celebrate with you, here in Seattle. There are several really cool Irish bars here.

Silma Says :
9:35 AM

Oh, I hate those pics. I never look good in them. Okay, I never look in any pic, but I always look worst in those pics taken at the job. Ugh!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ohmigosh! You dragging Lisa to drink. Hm... Promise you won't get in trouble. *lol* Have fun!

jax Says :
9:45 AM

Oh, I'll get in trouble all right! :) Bwahahaha. It's so much fun to finally see Lisa wasted. We're going to hail a cabbie. Yipee! I'm all decked out in green, including eyeshadow too!

What can I say.. I'm Irish!

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