Hand cramps and more

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I spent the weekend at the NoHo Arts Festival, attending a b-day, writing on the Samba entry and editing Ghosthunter to send out this week. I've had like 5 hours of sleep so far and I'm ready to pass out at the keyboards. Lucky for me it's a quiet 3 days without the new boss! They're at a conference that I was suppose to be at, but I got out of it!!! Whew!

The NoHo Arts Festival consists of blocking most of 2 major streets in my area. They set out booths to sell and display art, food vendors of all sorts, two oversized stages for live music, a mini-fair complete with ferris wheel and games...and last but not least, chalk art! Well, these artists spend 3 days on an artpiece by using pastel or colored chalks to create a masterpiece on sections of the road. The art gets judged on the last day and it's pretty darn exciting. Of course, I hate that my street is trashed by the spectacles and there's over crowding and no parking spaces, but once the event is done..they're all gone! :p

I have to tell you...the major highlight of the festival is the BBQ turkey legs that were, no kidding, the size of my head. They were sooooooo Yummmmmmmy! I can't even describe the magnitude of the flavors and the juiciness of the meat! I'm such a carnivore... Of course, the best part of my Sunday was working on Samba and when I took a break to stretch a bit, I saw Samba dancers on stage! The dancers were in full costume with plenty of sizzling moves...as my Samba story is set in Rio during Carnival...it fit right in! What a great sign! I was so jazzed about it. Okay, once I got back to the apartment I knew it was time to finish my GH project so I edited for 7 hours straight..no wonder I'm fried today.

Yawn...rainy days and Mondays always get me down....

5 Responses to "Hand cramps and more"

Kristen Painter Says :
12:05 PM

Man, those turkey legs sound so good. Too bad you didn't take a pic of one next to your head - now that would have been funny!

Missed you at RT but made me realize how much fun we'll have again at RWA this year!

jax Says :
11:26 PM

I am counting the days until RWA! I swear it's one of the best experiences in my life. I also love being your roomie. :) Do I snore? You might want to bring earplugs. I'll bring some incense in case some supernatural being pays us a visit. You know how I like to inspect the rooms. LOL

Shawn Says :
9:23 PM

LOL! You two are a hoot! Only 60 more days to conference! Wooohooo!

Bebe Thomas Says :
10:30 PM

No wonder you're tired, you never sleep. LOL Now go get some rest! :-)

jax Says :
11:11 AM

Thanks Bebe babe.. I am guzzling a hot latte as we speak. LOL

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