Lucky Number Seven

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Yep, that's right.. I'll have been married 7 years this Saturday. Can you believe it? Wow! It still shocks me to think about it as I feel like we were just married's all coming back to me now. Well, what will we do? Everything is up in the air until tonight when we finalize our plans. However, I did get reservations for the infamous IVY Restaurant on Robertson in Bev Hills. It's a special occasion and I've been meaning to go there and why not! It's our anniversary!

Now, tell me if this is silly...but hubby wants to go to the LA Zoo... do you think that's a romantic outing for an anniversary???? Well, we initially were going to go away to a B&B for the weekend, but due to my workload, we opted to make it lowkey. What do you think? Am I dorkie to believe it should be full of fun and surprises?

What did you do for your 7th? I would love to know!

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Sela Carsen Says :
9:20 AM

Jewelry for our 7th. Probably. I can't remember. We had just moved to England, so it likely wasn't anything spectacular. They don't always have to be something amazing for me, although our 10th was fabulous. Jewelry AND a trip down to London.

Maybe I'm the dork, but a trip to the zoo with my honey sounds like fun to me! How often do you get to just stroll around, holding hands?

Congratulations and have fun!!

Karen Says :
4:37 PM

Happy Anniversary! Hope it's just the start of many, many years together.

Seventh was jewelry - an amethyst pendant I still wear almost every day.

Our 13th (yikes!) anniversary is the day after RWA ends. Can't wait for that reunion *g*

Lynn Daniels Says :
5:42 PM

I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary! What did you end up doing?

We've had kids for most of our marriage, so on any anniversary, a romantic time for us means dinner without the kids. A couple hours of blissful silence. Well, maybe not silence. We'll call it a couple hours in a wonderful whine-free zone.

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