5 Interesting Things

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Thanks to Kristen (I hate you), for tagging me. Now I have to reveal 5 interesting things about myself. Hmm.

1. I played hooky from work with my partner in crime, Amanda, to wait in line at 6:00 AM for the Jay Leno show so I could see Gerard Butler. (Who wouldn't??)

2. I was enrolled in first grade at 4 1/2 and my parents decided that they wanted me to repeat it again so I wouldn't feel left out when I graduated high school for being too young.

3. I was a bartender for two years at a fine dining establishment and I still don't know what goes into all the drinks...but my tips were really good :)

4. I was a child actress. Was one of the leads in an independent horror flick that was never released because funding was cut off halfway through filming.

5. I met President Clinton and his family at Girl's State when I was in middle school and told him that someday I'd run for Governor and would beat him in the polls.

Now, who's life should I make miserable? I'm tagging Eva Gale, Night Diva Maria, Portia Da Costa and Laura Bacchi to take up this challenge!

4 Responses to "5 Interesting Things"

Wendy Wootton Says :
3:18 AM

Jax, you are cruel!!! LOL

There's nothing interesting about me to post... ;)

Eva Gale Says :
8:44 AM

Grrrr....You are EVIL incarnate.

I need more coffee for this.

I have to make shit up.

jax Says :
11:27 PM

Hey, I went out of my way to drudge up some sort of interesting facts about myself, so you gals gotta suck it in and dig into your youth. LOL Enjoy!

Amanda Jean Kelly Says :
1:02 AM

Ha ha! Thank you for not tagging me. :-)

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