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I love Dancing with the Stars but after finding out that Emmitt Smith won I am totally not ever going to watch the show again! Can't people vote for the better dancer and not for the symphathy votes or the popularity's a shame to find a show that I like only to be disappointed once again. I think I'm going to start writing instead of getting involved in a reality show that sucks hours of your time. I'm sounding bratty? Yes, but for good reason. At least I'll get work done. LOL

Speaking of which...I don't like these clone shows of Deal or No Deal. I've tried watching a few episodes and people are damn greedy. Take the bloody two hundred thousand and walk away instead of ending up with fifty bucks! What about Show Me the Money? I think it's nutso. What do all the shows have in common? They have the "annoyance" factor and they need to have the big cancellation tag. Aaargh.

I swear I don't watch the tele much!

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Eva Gale Says :
7:05 AM

I think Jerry Springer should have won.


J.F. Cossey Says :
1:55 PM

OMG I am so totally with you on the Dancing show. Mario clearly should have won, well 2nd to Jerry Springer of course, hehehe... But really, yes. Emmitt did GREAT, but only "for a guy who doesn't dance." Mario, on the other hand, could be in the pro ranks if he wanted to train and do it.

I like Deal or No Deal, though... but I get what you mean about greed. That dude the other night who could have walked away with almost 300 grand, and was too greedy so ended up with 100 grand... ok, not so bad, BUT... only a 3rd of what he could have taken.

I usually just have the tv playing in the background while I paint or write, so if it happens to be on... thankfully, my sister is in the Eastern time zone, and I'm in Mountain, so I knew the Dancing results before it showed here, and was able to avoid it.

jax Says :
12:50 AM

I think that the entertainment value is gone when you're more upset than feeling happy for people. Nothing beats going to see the Frank Miller's "300" with a half naked Gerry Butler and 300 hot guys with nice abs...sign. What a great horrifically action packed movie for the bloodthirsty! That puts everything into perspective...

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