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Nothing beats deadlines. Well, nothing beats cranking out as fast as you can to meet a deadline. LOL I'm extremely tired and fighting off a cold and trying to get through 2006. Boy, do I have a lot planned for '07!

I'm listening to all this heavy rock and grunge music blasting in my ears and it's like a caffeine rush. I think that I'm bordering on the brink of mental delusional oasis...WTF? I can't think straight. least I get off at 1:00 PM from my corporate job tomorrow. YAY! This leaves me with under 7 hours to finish my WIP to turn into my co-writer to edit before we send it off to the publisher. Whew...then I'm going to have to jump in and finish the next deadline. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to writing, but I think some of my best work flows from my fingers during the crunch. Sick, isn't it?

Anywoo, I need some sleep. Maybe oxygen to the brain will allow me to function better tomorrow and through the weekend. I've got a 4-day but it's going to be used for writing. I'm already making a mental grocery list for items to hole up with. Coffee being at the top of the list. I figured I could live on lattes throughout the weekend to help my performance.

Okay, okay, I'll spare a little time to parrrrrty for New Years with Lisa. It's going to be a total blast to ring in the New Year with my partner in crime! This might set precedence for 2007... WATCH OUT WORLD, the bad girls are in town!

2 Responses to "Cranking"

Sela Carsen Says :
12:26 PM

Y'all have fun and raise a toast to the Divas!

I realized today that I haven't really written to a deadline since I worked at the newspaper. I think I was better at it then. I've gotten lazy.

Happy New Year!

jax Says :
7:15 PM

Lazy is good..but for 2007 we are NOT going to fall into that pattern young lady! Have a wonderful New Year's!

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