Romance Divas E-Book Challenge

Author: Jax Cassidy // Category:
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Happy Valentine's Day!

To all the lovers out there..and for all those in need of's a sweet little read....JAX FREEBIE :: CAFE DESTINY (PDF format)

For something a little more sexy and a little less sweet...go to CASSIDY KENT and read SONNET SEDUCTION...warning, it's a bit more spicy than you can imagine!

5 Responses to "Romance Divas E-Book Challenge"

1:01 PM

Thank you for sharing for V-day! I love Mac-could read about him all day :}

Anonymous Says :
1:15 PM

Nice story Jax-short and sweet
: )-debi

Emma Sinclair Says :
3:05 PM

Loved the story, Jax!! Although like RG said, I could have read lots more.

Thanks for organizing, too!

L.K. Campbell Says :
9:13 PM

I loved your story, Jax. Was Samantha's last name a little nod to Kristen?

jax Says :
1:00 AM

Yes, in fact it was LK.

I know, it could have been a whole lot better if I had time to write. I have to say I put all my energy into SONNET SEDUCTION by Cassidy Kent so you can see that it was a quick read. LOL

Also, being the organizer I had to put something up or I'd look like a dud. haha!

I may add to it and re-post once this e-challenge is over just to have up on my personal site.

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