Star spotting and the Clippers...

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I was driving off to lunch with workmates and saw ED BURNS! He's such a hottie.. then I scored tix to see Clippers vs. Utah Jazz and spotted John Schneider and Lorenzo Llamas... it was a very interesting day. YAY CLIPPERS!

Just got home from an exciting game and now I'm gonna kick back with this Italian wine from Tuscany a client of ours gave me. Isn't that sweet! It makes the shitty week seem suddenly a whole lot better.

What are my plans this weekend...? Humm...I'm taking Eden down with me. Web and book cover design, writing, writing writing. Lounging by the pool. Stuffing my face. Gossip, gossip, gossip. Writing, eating, and more gossiping. Sounds like I may get some work done after all. That's unless Eden decides to pull out all her costumes for Romantic Times and starts coordinating them. I'll draw the line there because I'll be drinking, drinking, drinking. LOL

I'm unbelievably tired so I think I'll go enjoy that bottle of wine.

2 Responses to "Star spotting and the Clippers..."

Portia Da Costa Says :
4:04 AM

Mmmm... Lucky you, seeing Ed Burns! I like him! :)

Enjoy your weekend with Eden. Sounds like it's gonna be a blast!

Eva Gale Says :
10:51 AM

I'll be pouting over here in Jersey.


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