Things to do for those who can't think of anything else...

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Adopt A Soldier :: We have such busy lives and schedules that we often forget about those great men and women who serve our country. Many faces that we should support and pray for because it's a dangerous job they're doing so we can stay safe.

Whether you're donating or wanting to actively take part, why not sign up for the Walk for Diabetes or 3 Day Walk for the Cure for Breast Cancer. If you don't have time, give give give. I am living with Fibromyalgia or FMS and every opportunity I have I try to give to this cause or other amazing causes to help support finding a cure.

Lonely? Why not rescue a pet that may be next in line to be put down :( Go to your nearest Animal Shelter or contact the Humane Society and save their little lives. Sniff sniff

This may not be for everyone, but one of the things I am most certainly going to do is Adopt a Child during my lifetime and it's something to think about for those who are or aren't able to have children. I'm a big advocate of adoption as I've known many wonderful people who have adopted or have been adopted by a loving family. There are so many children out there in desperate need of love and we have the power to give it. If you have the finances to do this, you should. I hope to have children of my own, but I will definitely have additions to the family!

If you aren't able to do any of those suggestions, I'm sure you can do something nice for somebody today.

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4 Responses to "Things to do for those who can't think of anything else..."

Kate Willoughby Says :
6:07 PM

My brother adopted a little girl from Russia. We love her dearly and she's such a cutie. Too bad he lives in Dallas now. At least I get to see him at conference!

Sela Carsen Says :
10:59 AM

I got my Ollie from the Boxer Rescue -- if you're interested in rescuing a dog, but you like a specific breed, look up a Breed Rescue Organization in your area!

Hulles Says :
8:34 PM

My answer is slightly different: date a woman with children and love the children like they are your own. I've done it and I recommend it highly.

jax Says :
11:47 PM

That's awfully sweek hulles. You've got a golden heart!

Kate, she sounds precious. I love babies no matter what.

Sela, I would love a pet but there is no room in my rinky dink apartmen to accomodate a pet except my hubby's beta fish Rouge!

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