Busy month

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I've got a trip for RT convention, then I'm back work for a week and then I'm going to be quitting and then I'll be flying to Orlando to visit my father and then I'll take a few days off before starting my new job. Now, that leads me to trying to get out of jury duty. Sigh...I hope everything works out.

Happy Friday!


promulgate: (verb) To make known (a decree, for example) by public declaration; announce officially.
Synonyms: exclaim, proclaim
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I get a half day but it's doctors appointment and lab results. Fun, fun, fun! Then I have to do lots of stuff to get my deadline out the door by Sunday. The most fun will be cleaning on Saturday morning with hubs! Isn't that nice of him to plan that?! At least I have my local chapter meeting for Sunday. I love going to those things and meeting with my fellow writers. They're all so sweet!

Okay, what are you all up to this weekend? Do tell....

3 Responses to "Busy month"

Eva Gale Says :
11:20 AM

You are a spinning top. But in a good way. I hope you have a great time at RT and with the fam.

Portia Da Costa Says :
5:05 PM

You're a busy lady, Jax! Hope your w/e goes smoothly...

Me, I'm off to a dinner with himself at his shooting club on Saturday night, otherwise just the usual stuff.

Kate Willoughby Says :
3:51 PM

I worked a full shift today and will be writing the rest of the afternoon after I do my blog surfing. Sunday I'll see you at the meeting!

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