Tame the beast

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I totally know what the Hulk feels like. As I count down my days until I can slam the door in my boss' face, I'm going to be doing a lot of repenting every night. How many Hail Mary's do I have to say? I'm Buddhist for goodness sakes! Maybe I should be reciting the eight-fold path...ahem...

I'm so excited about RT Booklovers Convention. It's a matter of time before I get there and will have to tell you all about my adventures!

In the meantime, don't forget to catch me on the workshop panel:

Thursday, April 26, 3-5pm: Whether you do it yourself or work with a designer, learn how to build content that will bring the readers back again and again, legal issues of posting content, search engines, key words, user friendly design and more on branding.
Panelists: Cathy Clamp, Jax Crane, Jaxadora Design, Rob Preese, Publisher

Lots of good stuff coming soon...I guarantee it.

7 Responses to "Tame the beast"

Babe King Says :
3:09 AM

Bother, I missed it. And Jax, it's hard to imagine you as the Hulk.

Eva Gale Says :
4:21 PM

*fingers in ears*


yes, I'm pouting.

jax Says :
6:05 PM

Wait until I call you every night to tell you how wonderful it is Eva!

Babe, I can soooo be the Hulk-ess :)

Anonymous Says :
2:40 PM

I was told you're not allowed to use your own cameras at RT. That the Kodak police come after you.

10:18 AM

Hi Jax,

Hope this works out for you.

I've also taken up photography again and the porcelain bowl with the haiku was one of the first shots with my new camera.

I "think" buddhist too but this sometimes conflicts with my responsibilities as a Jedi Knight.

It's a tough one isn't it ?



Kristen Painter Says :
10:48 AM

You did a great job at the workshop. Just ask Lisa! We were like proud parents.

jax Says :
3:43 PM

I know, you wanted to spit on a hanky and wipe the smudge off my face. I love you two mother hens!

And I didn't bring a camera. I should have, but couldn't lug it without putting myself in the overhead compartment!

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