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Well, hopefully you can see the photo of my new hairdo. I woke up yesterday and decided for a change. I went to the nearest hair salon and decided to go goth/rocker chick. Yep. So now I have midnight hair with fire engine red layers below. It's way fun and I've been stopped on the street several times with people asking about my hair and if I was in the entertainment industry. Funny how a little change could cause so much commotion. Lately, I've been restless. Theres's this story I'm working on that is totally taking me to a new place in my life. It's very emotional and it's helping me to explore the side of my writing I didn't know I had the capability of producing. My mother just shakes her head because she's beyond words. She sees my nose piercing and realizes that I'm just being me and she's accepted it. Nope, haven't showed her the tattoo, but I'm sure she'd take it in stride. Almost like the time she asked me if I was a lesbian. You see, mom is so old school but she's also pretty hip...took her over 20 years to realize I'm crazy and she's accepted it. My pops is doing better but there's this sad place in my heart because I can't predict how long he'll be around but I am grateful to spend what little time I have with him. There's a lot roaming in my head and seeing growth all around makes me choke back a tear or two. Life is strange but I'm starting to accept it too.

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Eva Gale Says :
10:48 PM

OMG, I LOVE it!!!!

GAAHHH, I'm so jealous! It works because your hair is so dark.

Emma Says :
5:25 AM

Love the new hair. So purty!

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