It feels like Christmas

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Got some new computer widgets and loving it! Got plenty of freelance design work and a new manuscript I'm plugging away. I had a buddy help me flesh out the entire storyline and now have to sit down and write the darn synopsis...I hate doing it. I'm more about the writing..I start a tough schedule next week after I make a checklist of all the things I plan on accomplishing by the end of the year.

My office is set up and my apartment is almost fully furnished. The only thing I'm missing is a few artworks for the wall. However, there's a main wall I'll be painting a HUGE abstact masterpiece...haven't touched a paint brush in months and now I'm itching to do it. I miss the smell of fresh paint, the little stains that makes it onto my skin, seeing the beginnings of something beautiful...I am extremely excited and hope to have pics to show when I'm all done. For now, I need to step back and rest a little.

Maybe I'll do one more week of partying to drown my sorrows but then there will be no excuses and nothing to stop me. I've got no time and I'm going to make sure every second counts.

What are you doing to fill up your days?

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