The Dark Garden

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Reasons why you need to buy this book....It's absolutely FANTASTIC! Eden's debut novel will engage you, excite you and make you wish you had a Christian of your own! I loved it and learned a lot about the BDSM lifestyle. Believe me, it's fascinating... I think many people have preconceived notions about this, but a true lifer is one who understands the psychology of this underground world and embrace it. It's really a love story with a lot of heat and passion. Eden's got a contest running on her BLOG that will surely entice you if my words aren't enough...what are you waiting for? GO get it!


Publisher: Bantam Dell
Release Date: June 1st

A deliciously potent tale of one woman’s quest for self-discovery

Rowan Cassidy likes to be in charge—especially in her personal life. As a mistress at Club PrivĂ©, the most exclusive bondage/S & M club on the West Coast, Rowan can live out her dominant fantasies safely, and with complete control—until the night Christian Thorne walks in. Self-confident and sophisticated, he’s a natural dominant if Rowan’s ever seen one. Yet she can’t stop thinking about him and imagining his touch.

Christian has returned home, hoping to break free from his dissatisfaction and malaise—and discovers the cure in Rowan. He’s dying to get his skilled hands on her and watch her surrender, to unlock the mystery of her that captivates him. Determined to be her master, he makes Rowan a daring proposition: give herself over to him for thirty days.

Rowan finds Christian’s offer terrifying—and impossible to resist. But abandoning herself to Christian’s power might be more than she can handle…. Or it might be the realization of her true nature and the dark garden within her. There will be only one way to find out. And once the game has begun, there’s no turning back.

About the Author
Eden Bradley has been writing since she could hold a pen in her hand. When not writing, you'll find her wandering museums, cooking, eating, shopping, and reading everything she can get her hands on. Eden lives in Southern California with a small menagerie and the love of her life.

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