I'm hot hot hot hot...

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Well, going Hot Pink that is. (Will show you on a later post) Tonight is Eden's book release party and I'm stoked. Last night I got a copy of my FIRST PRINT BOOK in my hands and I wanted to weep. It's the most amazing thing to see yourself in print. It validates everything you've worked so hard for. There are a lot of changes in my life and now that I'm part of the "Singles" team, it's going to get some getting used to. I know, I know..folks think I've become a lush, but in truth, I'm celebrating life. I'm celebrating living and I'm celebrating my new direction. There's a lot of energy and I'm very happy. At times I'm melancholy and sad, but it's fleeting and fades away. Nothing like the feeling of emotions to build up your spiritual side and make you stronger...

You truly don't understand yourself until something profound happens.

I'm very happy for you C. I truly am and I wish you all the best in your new journey because you deserve it and I do love you...I always will.

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Babe King Says :
2:12 AM

Congrats on holding your book. I've held a print anthology with me in it. That was cool, but a book all of your own would be wonderful. I have two releases this month, but both epub. sigh. It'll happen one day. Meantime, yay you!!

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