Team Incredibowls

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Here's the long awaitied photos ... a peek at the non-existent sleep day when I laboured away by hand sewing the shirt designs to give it an edgy grunge look! We had such a blast and my shirts were the talk of the evening! I ended up taking a little over 200 shots (thanks to Mahoganie who stole my camera and took at least 100 of it!) but I have decided to showcase pics of my amazing team! We had such team spirti...Vincent, Leslie, Colette, Mahoganie and I rocked! Happy to say we raised almost $4,000 for the Jr. Achievement of SoCal! My team raised $800 of that amount and let's just say we won the top prize for rallying top $$$$! Colette and I raised approximately $500 between the two of us..yes, it's true, we were women on a mission. Can't wait for next year!

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