Everything's big in Texas, Oh My!

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I got your attention, didn't I?

I've had 3 hours sleep, more than I anticipated. Getting my shit packed in the AM can be a real fun ordeal. Cranked up the music and hobbling through the apartment. This bloody sprained ankle is really getting in the way of my life :(

NOTE TO SELF...get a freakin' gigantic suitcase. I am guilty of saying I don't own a luggage set..why? Long story, but I do have one on loan. I think guys never consider the possibility that they would have a girl friend who would require the use of it later down the road, otherwise they would have gotten a stinkin' larger suitcase! An adequate size one would be one in which I can fit a dead body in. LOL

Okay, what am I missing? I have 1 hour to finish packing and making sure I have everything. Sigh...I'm going to be in deep crap if I don't get my act together...so I need to get off the darn blogger now.... :)

Another reminder....


July 11, 2007
"Readers for Life" Literacy Book Signing

Hyatt Regency
300 Reunion Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75207

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