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I used to whine about not having any deadlines and now I find myself swimming in it. I've got a book out March 2008 and I'm just in the preliminary stages....what does this mean? Am I a procrastinator? No way, baby... I think that my story is equivalent to a stew and I'm letting the ideas simmer until it's perfect, soft, and delectable before I can ladle it out... :) I thought that was a brilliant analogy.

What's up with everyone's weekend? I've got a busy one ahead and I'm sure I'll find time to sleep when I'm good and ready. I think I'll go open a bottle of wine and let my thoughts simmer....

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L.K. Campbell Says :
12:07 PM

Well, I know all about deadlines, and they're a bitch! (Pardon my languages.) We've been busting our humps at the newspaper for the last 3 weeks to get our annual salute to the community ready for August 31. It's 104 pages! I'll be glad when it's over with, so I can feel like doing some writing again.

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