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I'm happy to announce on Wednesday, August 15th, approximately 4:15 PM PST, I will be interviewed on the CRN Digital Talk radio show (Channel 5 - will confirm later) for my book ONE WICKED WINTER (written with Amanda Jean Kelly) and my new solo career!

In other news, I just signed on with Parker Publishing, LLC and my debut book the LOTUS BLOSSOM CHRONICLES (an anthology with Simone Harlow) will be available in 2008!

It's turning out to be one hell of a year! With all the madness, I will have a few book signings coming up and a massive promotional campaign. Watch out world! Jax Cassidy is rising....

4 Responses to "Jax Live"

Kate Willoughby Says :
6:18 PM

There's no stopping you, Jax. You're on the rise, no doubt about it!

jax Says :
11:54 AM

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm very happy with my current path. :)

Sela Carsen Says :
9:25 AM

Squeeee! Look at you go!! Congrats on the contract and have fun on the radio!!

L.K. Campbell Says :
9:57 AM

Congratulations again on your contract, Jax. You deserve it, and I hope you have tons of success.

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