Strep and Top Chef

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I have been walking around with a 102 fever. No wonder I have been incoherent and least it's not Malaria. LOL

My corny new doctor told me I have strep. :( Never had it before and now I'm popping antibiotics and I've gotten sucked into Bravo's TOP CHEF. I love that show. If I could be perfect at would be in the culinary skills. Frankly, I'm a good chef, but when I see these professionals who create such incredible dishes with such art and technique, I get a lump in my throat. I knew I should have gone to the culinary institute... delirium makes me find solace in food... the story of my life. Eat when you're upset. Eat when you're depressed. Eat when you are sick. I guess there could be worse issues... now, I am going to attempt to rest. I am so not a good sick person. I just want to get up and go. Sigh...

Hope to get well by Sunday for my book signing....

4 Responses to "Strep and Top Chef"

Lara Santiago Says :
9:03 PM

Good luck on your book signing.
I hope you don't have a fever on Sunday...but if you do it just means you're a hot writer! :)
(oh yeah, and don't breathe on people) :)

Jennifer McKenzie Says :
11:23 PM

I love "Top Chef". I hope you make it Sunday and kick ass.

jax Says :
11:57 AM

I am now FEVER free! :) I'm kicking back and getting some writing done today. This is the first time I'm missing deadline because of illness. Oh well, gotta keep going.

I'll try not to breathe on anyone. I'm more excited about Wednesday's Top Chef finale!

L.K. Campbell Says :
2:25 PM

Get well soon, Jax!

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