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I'm writing a novella about a jazz singer and it's so wonderful to uncover the music that stirs your soul...I haven't heard Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday in a while so it's a nice research piece. I am so in love with Ella's smooth voice and her passionate storytelling. I swear all her songs are like poetry. If you read the lyrics they are amazing...

All My Life
Ella Fitzgerald

All my life
I've been waiting for you
My wonderful one
I've begun
Living all my life

All my love
Has been waiting for you
My life is sublime
Now that I'm
Giving all my love

You seem so lovely, so far above me
I'm almost afraid to look
But I adore you, I pledge before you
A heart that's an open book

All my life
Hold me close to your heart
But all else above
Hold my love
Darling, just hold my love

2 Responses to "Tuesday Tunes"

L.K. Campbell Says :
7:08 PM

Ella Fitzgerald was my Daddy's favorite female singer. Thank you for bringing back that memory.

jax Says :
10:40 AM

Thanks for reading my blog. LOL

I love the classics and now that I have the opportunity to write about it, I get to listen and enjoy! I can say there's something about Sarah Vaughan's voice that gives me chills. :)

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