Fortune's Fool goes to print

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YAY! The new cover is ready to go for our print run of FORTUNE'S FOOL...and I'm happy to say the designer did a great job! LOL

If you loved it in e-book form, you'll love having it in your hands to flip through the pages, doggy ear if you're one of those, and laminate if you really love it! :)

by Bianca D'Arc, Eva Gale, Cassidy Kent, and Selah March
May, 2007 E-Book, ISBN 1-59426-909-2
Dec, 2007 Print

Four mistresses of erotic romance present a collection of tales destined to get pulses racing. Sexy psychics offer delectable divination in the past, present, and future.

KING OF SWORDS - Biana D'Arc: Sparks ignite when a psychic meets a special ops warrior aboard a space station. When enemies attack, will close quarters and danger draw them together?

TEMPTING FATE - Eva Gale: An up-and-coming banker falls for the town palm reader. She might be breathtaking, but a spinster from a notorious psychic family is hardly the career boost he wanted.

MIRANDA WRITES - Cassidy Kent: A novelist becomes a fortune-teller for book research. When an FBI agent mistakes her for a counterfeiter, danger and romance ensue. Will she meet her deadline... or wind up just plain dead?

FLESH AND BONE - Selah March: Tortured by a sadistic murderess, a detective may suffer an agonizing death. Only a local psychic can find him, but will she save him? Or be caught in evil's web?

Length: Quasar (96K)
Rating: 4 Novas

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