Nearing the end

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Vacations should be a time to do nothing, yet I find myself constantly doing something non-stop. Today, however, I was able to catch up on watching movies. There's this brilliant indie pic that was purchased and distributed by Fox Searchlight called ONCE. I can say it's such an incredibly fresh movie with so much heart. The soundtrack is amazing and the actors are really engaging. If you love music, the story itself uses the main character's talent as a way to push the storyline along through song. It's raw and memorable.

I've heard the original actor that was cast withdrew at the last minute and they ended up using the singer/songwriter to replace the lead. All the actors aren't actors but musicians so in knowing that, I was more blown away by the movie. Watching these types of films only inpires me to get my shit together so I can finally do that indie project that's been put on the back burner for way too long. Inspiration is a good thing, especially when it stirs the creativity.

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