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Even through my hacking coughs and illness relapses, I made it to see this fantastic musical WICKED! The performers were amazing, the sets were elaborate, and the musical scores are just as brilliant performed live as they are from the cd. I've been listening to this cd for a few years now and never had a chance to see it until Sunday. I'm glad it was worth the wait!

I'm taking my butt into the doctor's office tomorrow. I figured my cough has spread to an ear ache, my ribs hurt and I'm about ready to rip heads off. Just cranky as hell. Anyways, let's hope it's not pneumonia! I have found out in times of adversity and illness I am inundated with work flow. Yes, it's true. I'm getting work from everywhere. I'm trying to keep it together. Anyhow, still got the single title due at the end of February...I will not procrastinate! Right.

Okay, off to see the wizard...

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