Most unlikely...

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It's been a good start for me even though I've hit a few small bumps. I never thought I'd find happiness and it often happens at the weirdest moments and when we least expect it. There's a moment of clarity and the world seems to make sense. Of course, I'm petrified about obligations, packing, moving, and so on...but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. It's a trip I know all too well and I suddenly don't feel like I'm going it alone anymore. I've got the coolest friends that I love dearly, I've got a wonderful family (no matter how dysfunctional), and I've got many promising adventures ahead of me....

I feel lucky.

They say happiness is a state of mind so I'm just going to stay in that state for a while longer...

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Eva Gale Says :
5:11 PM

Jax, I see such a turning point in happiness and good coming your way. Like I said before, when I see you now, I see sunshine.


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