Moving is hell...

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The true test of my abilities is in packing the whole damn place by myself. At first I was a bit intimidated by how much 'stuff' I've collected for one person, but as I started to delve in I realized that it's a little therapeutic. I'm tackling a task that reflects how far I've come. I've been in and out of longterm relationships in the past where I didn't have a lot of say in creating the environment I wanted. Okay, I can be too accommodating at times and just let the men in my life take over. When I moved into my cozy little dump I inherited from a friend, I immediately took it upon myself to re-create myself and my environment. Eight months later and three shades of red walls staring back at me, I realized this is just the beginning of my new life as an independent woman with a full-time writing career! Of course, it's going to be unstable and a bit chaotic, even stressful. I'm fine with that. I'm looking forward to the challenges of reaching the goals I've set for myself.

A special friend of mine calls my home a "Seduction Den" for all it's romantic elements, enticing colors, and Euro-Asian decor choice. I laughed at it, but truthfully this is who I am and always have been...a romantic at heart. I may be a little rough around the edges but ultimately I need to remain passionate about life and relationships because I need it to propel me to create work that's believable. Even in the midst of moving I've churned out 25 pages. Of course, I wanted to do 50 by the end of the week but it's not going to happen for me...I'm usually a competitive person by nature but this time, I'm going to step back without guilt. Sometimes, we have to step up to our responsibilities, step down from commitments, even if we're an overachiever.

I've said it before, but the truth is, I'm in a really good place right now. Things are coming together for me and although I've hit adversity many times over I'm still rolling along with more strength than I had imagined.

This may be the last post until after my road trip... If I'm real lucky I'll have wi-fi to post photos of my adventure....Jeez, it hit me that I need to map the trip! Oh well, maybe I'll wing it.. LOL

Boy, I'm going to miss being online! Ciao.

4 Responses to "Moving is hell..."

Eva Gale Says :
9:24 AM

OMG, I can't believe the day is finally here. I'm flipping a little, but mostly excited for you.

Safe traveling, Chica, and no picking up hot hitchhikers. In your case you won't have to pick them up-they'll throw themselves at your car as you pass.


jax Says :
12:13 PM

Hot hitchhikers....that's a thought. I doubt my co-pilot would like that. It's not like we're Thelma & Louise and I'm picking up Brad Pitt....This is more like Bonnie and Clyde without the romance heating up between us and he's most likely to have me be his wingman in a bar so he can get the babe. LOL

I am still packing, promise...

Kate Willoughby Says :
1:52 PM

Have a terrific and smooth move, baby. And tell your man he needs a new post on his blog. ;)

Robin Says :
12:48 PM

Happy trails! Enjoy the ride and I look forward to hearing about the adventure I know you're going to have. Take care!

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