Silence Please

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The clock is ticking. Screaming teenagers, grumpy parents, argumentative siblings, deadlines....I need my coffee!!!! I have 5 days left and I've never been so insecure about missing a deadline, until now.

I'm writing like crazy but everything starts to sound like sh** after a while and I wonder if I still have the spark. I guess all writers go through this when they're on deadline but I'm thinking that it's more because I'm stressed out and less about my writing. Of course I want to write a masterpiece and as much as I love this story, I'm petrified. This is possibly one of the more sensual pieces I've written and initially it was supposed to be dark...since life is rather dark for me in my own life, I've lightened it up a bit. I hope this doesn't take away from the story. My thought process is that with pain, there's also laughter. There will be plenty of tears in my next book and so I am just going with what my characters want. I hope to be back in 5 days to tell you I have typed THE END! Honest to goodness, I am so ready for a vacation...

I can almost taste it....

2 Responses to "Silence Please"

Robin Says :
1:50 PM

Good luck, Jax! I'm thinking of you!

Lillian Feisty Says :
6:17 PM

You rock. I'm sure it's amazing.

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