Contest Winner & Book Signing News!

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You'll get it in the mail in a few weeks! I'll have a picture of it up when it's ready to go so those of you who didn't enter can see what you missed out on!!


I'll be signing in Dallas at the DARA Conference this Friday. Here's your chance to stop by and say HELLO. If you really love me, you can pick up a book so I won't look like no one wants to purchase them. LOL

Dreamin' in Dallas
April 5, 2008
Plano, TX
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Southfork Hotel

Here's the FLYER, of course I signed up later so my name isn't listed, but I'll be there! :)

I've got to get ready for my trip and will be writing my buns off until I'm on the plane. I won't bring my laptop this time around just because I want to be able to have a real break from everything! I'll post the winner of my contest soooon....

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Cia Leah Says :
8:24 PM

Thanks Jax for running such a funtastic contest! I never dreamed I'd win! Thank Hunter too!

Good luck with your booksigning and I hope a mob of people show up for it! :)


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