What do I know about YA?

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Nothing really.

All I recall of YA is sneaking around Judy Blume books in middle school and hiding in the closet with a flashlight to read. Now that I'm branching off and writing something my nieces can read, it's a whole different ballgame. I'm tired of YA turning into mini versions of adult romance. I miss the innocence of first crushes, first kiss, falling in 'puppy' love... all those things have long been swapped out by Gossip Girls, The Clique and a bunch of other YA readings that glorizes these groups of young girls who can be quite mean. What happened to Sweet Valley High or the Lakeside High Experiment? I want to get back to the wholesomeness of youth..and as I see these tv stations and movies focusing on sex as a selling point, it saddens me. I'm no prude by any means, but I feel like children should be children. In this day and age sex is prevalent in everything and I know that there are many authors like myself who want to 'regress' by writing stories that are lest evocative and more fun reading. I am not condemning authors who are moving into a more aggressive teenage YA direction because of what their publishing house wants, but I think that we are the influences on these kids, whether good or bad, and if we continue the trend of believing it's all right to push the envelope to such a young readership...it's our own fault when they are morally corrupt. We only have ourselves to blame. This is only my opinion...but that's why I'm trying to make a difference. My publisher is awesome because they agree with the direction I'm wanting for the YA line and it makes me proud to write for a company that believes in family values and morals. I miss those days when children respected their elders and everything they did was considered innocent. Now, we have to question all these children's motives and wonder if they are going to be corrupt mini versions of adults....it just depresses me. Why are we rushing our children to grow up so fast?

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Giovenale Nino Sassi Says :
6:01 PM

I do not understand your language but .... (sob!) are okay with you. Good day ...felicità !

Dawn Says :
7:25 PM

I couldn't agree with you more! There was a commercial on the other day for Gossip Girls, and the label was OMFG...and we all know what that means. I see the Gossip Girl books in the teen section of the book store. I can remember reading Sweet Valley High...
But I'm not one to talk. When I was 12 I found my mom's stash of Victoria Holt's books and Jude Devaraux. I fell in love, even though some of the books contained hot love scenes. :o)

jax Says :
8:21 PM

I'm fine, Giovenale, thanks for your concern :)

Dawn - I am so you...used to sneak off with my older sister's books and read Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins, Jude Deveraux, etc. So I wasn't goody goody, but it was innocent curiosity about sex, but after that, it was for the love story and that's where I got hooked. I miss those wholesome YA books and it takes me back in time... sigh

Ms.Erika Says :
10:58 PM

So how do we get young readers to read a more wholesome line of lit?
When books like GG are what they think they want?

Back in the day, all we had were SVH, Baby sitters club or Freshman dorm. If I had the chance to read trash at 15 I'm pretty sure I would have.

I have plans to write a YA book and I refuse to write soft porn for teens but I haven't figured a hook that will make them want to read it.

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