What does one do when one is sick?

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Well, you watch a lot of sappy romantic comedies playing on tv. You pull out a box of tissues because 1. everything makes you sensitive 2. you need to blow your nose because the production of snot from the head cold gives you a good excuse to be sentimental

But you know just when you think things are bad, it could only get worse!

Yep, folks...I recently moved back to the Sunshine State and basically my life is in storage at my sister's second home, which is going through total renovations. Okay, so I had meant to get around to moving everything to an onsite storage facility, but being that I am so booked all the time...I neglected to do this. So, I got a nice phone call from my sister telling me someone broke into that house and stole a lot of my personal items...including my $400 easel. Now, I can be furious and I can be crying over this, but I'm not. Why? What the heck can I do when it's already gone. I haven't assessed the damage and it's too late to do so now, so I'll wait until tomorrow to see what all they took of my personal belongings. Sure I'm ANGRY as hell but I'm trying to stay calm.

Wow, what a year...I've known loss and I've known LOSS...can it get any better than this?

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