It's Summer...

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What can I say...I've been in a bit of a writer's slump...since I don't believe in writer's block...I can only blame it on all the years of workaholism catching up on me. That being said, I did manage to finish the first leg of my content edits and need to finish the little technical details before sending it off to my editor.

However, I did have a great weekend with some friends who traveled quite a distance to visit. My friend Babe flew all the way from Tasmania, Australia and is now staying with Kristen for another few days. My friend Maggie flew down from Oregon for the weekend and we had a smashing time! There was eating, drinking, a bit of partying, swimming in the pool at night and lots of juicy gossip and brainstorming. It's fun to get a bunch of writers together and when there's plenty of booze and food you're almost always guaranteed FUN. We even had two awesome authors at the party: Lara Santiago and Roxanne St. Claire.

After the weekend it got me a bit pumped up about writing again...I promised myself I would get all my deadline priorities out of the way and then I can start on the writing I've really been wanting to do. Just another day and I'll be done with edits!!!!

Now run out and watch KUNG FU PANDA! I took my nieces and nephews opening day and it was soooooo AWESOME! I loved the writing, the animation, the cast, was really well done and I have to admit, I'm a big kid at heart so it was a nice treat. I haven't been to the movies in ages but I would recommend this to kids and adults alike!

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Robin Says :
12:42 AM

Hi Jax! I took my little guy to see Kung Fu Panda this past weekend and really enjoyed it too! My new favorite word? Skidoosh!

Hope the edits went well and happy writing!

Miss ya!

Katie Reus Says :
1:57 PM

I'm dying to see Kung Fu Panda!! (I love Jack Black) I don't have kids to take w/ me, unless DH counts :) Doesn't matter though, b/c I'm going anyway!!

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