Addicted to....?

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I can't seem to start my day without a big cup of coffee. My favorite Starbucks drink is the standard latte and, boy, do I love my lattes! I would have to blame this addiction on my sweet mother. Sorry mum.

Since two years old, I would inhale the wonderful aroma of chicory and find my way to the dining table. My dear mother would be deep in conversation with my older siblings or neighbors and unconsciously give me a spoon or two of the French Chicory mixed with condensed milk that she had made in the French press machine. It was a special treat and she would sometimes dip a slice of piping hot french bread in the coffee. It's a traditional thing the Vietnamese inherited from the French. I think I was hooked since then and without my caffeine, I'm a real grouch. :)

This past week I stayed with my parents to keep them company and I realized how easy I had it, how much I took things for granted as a teenager. Memory lane is such a reality check. As adults, it's a constant challenge and everything seems so overwhelming but these are the experiences that help me in my writing. So often in the early stages of my writing career I'd hear comments from my beta readers that I should 'show, not tell' and 'use the 5 senses'. Those words always haunted me, stuck with me as I constructed my sentences.

Hey, I'm not saying it's an easy thing to remember every time--but when I re-read my manuscripts during final edits, it's such a joy to see that my efforts have paid off...thank you mom for creating memories.

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Robin Says :
10:52 AM

Aww, you've brought a smile to my face talking about your mom! Now I'm thinking about mine, and have so many wonderful memories too (even in regards to coffee.)

Happy writing!

Bruno Bellamy Says :
11:13 AM

Have you ever tried Starbuck's macha latte ? The flavour is japanese macha green tea, and I just love it !
I discovered it in Osaka, but as I didn't even tried to enter a Starbucks anywhere else, I actually don't know if you can get one out of Japan.
The asuki (red bean) one is great, too... :)

Louisa Edwards Says :
1:18 PM

I love iced coffee. My boss in NY got me hooked on it because she used to have me get her one every day during the summer, light with milk and sweet enough to have a thick crust of sugar at the bottom of the cup that she'd suck up through the straw. NObody does iced coffee like New York delis.

Unless it's the Thai.

jax Says :
2:29 PM

They have a green tea Frappuccino here in the states that's pretty awesome but I don't think folks are ready for red bean, even if I love the ice cream!

I love iced lattes during the summers. I'm pretty generic so I hate flavored anything. It just ruins the taste but I remember when I was in France how much I love milk with my tea and the hot baguettes caked with soft butter and nutella...yummmmmmmmy!

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